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Smart Farm Contracts

A platform that allows contracting sponsors to purchase farming contracts for agricultural projects in Africa from anywhere in the world. ​Using smart contract technology, creating fair trade & transparent farm contracts that give the consumer and farmer the best value.

The Secure Pan African Mobile Wallet

We take the security of your funds seriously. Device-based security: all private keys are stored locally, not in the cloud.

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Smart Farm Contracts

Sponsor women farmers in Africa. Leveraging on Blockchain technologies such as smart contracts and distributed ledgers​. Connecting contracting sponsors with amazing farmers in Africa. Sharing financial, social and professional capital.


Fairtrade, transparency and accountability in contract farming projects.

Smart Contract Technology

A permanent digital ledger of transactions can be created by integrating smart contract technology into contract farming. The movement of funds, redeeming of farm inputs, selling of produce can be tracked and audited.

Access to finance

Farmers get access to a diverse pool of funds that were never accessible before because of the peer to peer nature of the smart contract. Contracting Sponsors world over can also get the opportunity to fund small scale farming projects.

BillMari Smart Farm Contract Whitepaper

This paper outlines how we are using Blockchain smart contract technology in existing agriculture production methodologies to create a level playing field in contract farming.

Marketplace Whitepaper

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I Love Black People Digital Coupons



Building a community focused on supporting Black people worldwide. Sharing the I Love Black People Coupons.


Networks and relationships that empower our community and help us build faster to change the quality of life for our people.


Working together to create long-lasting and sustainable solutions.

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BillMari Digital Coupons

BillMari has developed the first-ever blockchain based digital coupon that have been used by women farmers to redeem farming inputs in Zimbabwe.

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